Pollenguard Allergy Drops can eliminate your allergies for $1 a day!


How Sublingual Allergy Drops work

Sublingual Immunotherapy (also known as SLIT) works by delivering a small dose of allergen daily in the form of allergy drops under the tongue. Allergens are things like pollen, dust and animal dander that trigger allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, itchy eyes and sneezing. Over time, taking allergy drops improves the allgery sufferer's tolerance. This process of desensitization is the best treatment for allergies as it eliminates the root cause of allergies not just allergy symptoms.

Sublingual immunotherapy allergy drops reduce symptoms and eliminate allergies for millions of people every year. In Europe, SLIT allergy drops form 50% of all allergy medicne taken! Now for the first time, genuine sublingual immunotherapy Pollenguard allergy drops are available online, direct to the allergy sufferer. These are the same drops your allergist prescribes, but without the expensive appointments, prescriptions or dispensing fees.

Comparing Antihistamines to Immunotherapy

AntihistaminesAllergy Immunotherapy
Antihistamines work for the day Allergy Immunotherapy can permanently desensitize a patient.
Antihistamines have many side effects  Allergy Immunotherapy side effects are rare.
Antihistamines are not allergen specific Allergy Immunotherapy is allergy specific.
Antihistamines are much more expensive over a lifetime Allergy Immunotherapy builds permanent tolerance.  Once desensitized, there is no need for ANY medication, even Allergy Drops!
Antihistamines do not treat the root cause, they only mask the body's natural response Allergy Immunotherapy can prevent asthma