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Cat allergy is common, occurring in 25% of allergy sufferers.  Cat dander, the allergen, is produced in large amounts, is consistently airborne, and is found in public places -- even where there are no cats. Cat dander particles are extremely small, and are inhaled deep into the lungs, causing an allergic response.   Cat dander is a common cause of allergic asthma and cat owners who are allergic to cats are more prone to the development of asthma symptoms.  For cat lovers, life without their cats is unimaginable. Sublingual immunotherapy cat allergy drops offer a natural solution for these cat allergy sufferers. Pollenguard will minimize and eventually eliminate your allergic response to cat dander, allowing cat allergy sufferers to not only keep their cats, but live without allergy symptoms.

One bottle of Pollenguard Sublingual Cat Allergy Drops will last 30 to 45 days depending on whether 2 or 3 drops are taken daily.


Medicinal Ingredient: Felis cattus, Cat (Source: Epithelia), Regular Strength 2X, 25 SAU/ml

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Glycerin 50%, Phenol 0.4%, Water for Injection qsp 5ml

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Sublingual Immunotherapy Cat Allergy Drops
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