Dust Mite Allergy Drops

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Take control with Pollenguard:

  • treat the cause of dust allergies, not just symptoms
  • improve your quality of life

Pollenguard sublingual immunotherapy dust allergy drops...

  • Require no expensive visits to allergist's clinics
  • Require no prescription
  • Easy to take accurate doses, Pollenguard uses a patented metered pump
  • Unlike antihistamines contain only natural substances
  • More affordable than antihistamines, in the short term costing only a dollar a day (a bottle of Pollenguard Dust Allergy Drops lasts 30 to 45 days)
  • Represent a sensible investment, most users eventually stop buying drugs or treatment for allergies

Please consider these facts about allergy specific sublingual immunotherapy in general:

  • Used in Europe for decades, meeting some of the world highest safety standards
  • Scientifically proven, over ninety clinical studies are evidence that sublingual immunotherapy eliminate allergies
  • Contain the same formulas as in allergists' injection based immunotherapy
  • Are more effective than allergy shots because people finish the treatment program, because they are painless
  • Eliminates the dust allergy for the majority of people who complete the treatment program

Dust mite allergies torment year round causing dust allergy symptoms:

  • chronic sinus infections
  • itchy eyes
  • skin rashes
  • shortness of breath

Dust allergies are caused by house dust mites and they are everywhere in all homes:

  • mattresses, pillows and bedding
  • carpets, upholstery and curtains
  • even children's stuffed toys

There is evidence that dust mite allergies:

  • Affect 25% of North American children
  • Can lead to early onset asthma 
  • Cause chronic skin inflamations like eczema


Medicinal Ingredient: Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, House Dust Mite (Source: Whole Organism); Dermatophagoides farinae, House Dust Mite (Source: Whole Organism) Regular Strength 2X, 25 SAU/ml

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Glycerin 50%; Phenol 0.4%; Water for Injection qsp 5ml

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Dust Allergy Drops - Sublingual Immunotherapy
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