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Sublingual Immunotherapy Ragweed and Hay fever Allergy Drops

<p>When it comes to hay fever and seasonal allergies, ragweed is the primary cause. Hay fever is caused by ragweed. Seasonal Allergy sufferers who are allergic to pollen-producing plants, 75 percent are allergic to ragweed. Treat your ragweed allergy and find hay fever relief with Pollenguard Ragweed Allergy Drops.</p>
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Sublingual Immunotherapy Cat Allergy Drops

<p>Feeling allergic, but can&rsquo;t imagine life without your cat? Eliminate your cat allergy with Pollenguard sublingual immunotherapy cat allergy drops. Don&rsquo;t get rid of your beloved cat, treat the cause of cat allergy symptoms!</p>
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Weed Pollen Allergy Drops

Just when the tree and grass pollens have finished doing their job, along comes weed pollen. Don’t let these pesky plants ruin what remains of your summer and fall. Eliminate your seasonal weed allergies with Pollenguard Weed Allergy Drops.
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Dust Allergy Drops - Sublingual Immunotherapy

<p>You can&rsquo;t see them, but they are everywhere in the house. Tired of waking up stuffed up, sneezing and exhausted? Get to the root of the problem with Pollenguard Dust Mite.</p>
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Grass Pollen Mix Sublingual Allergy Drops

<p>Does a summer picnic cause allergy symptoms for you? You do not need to suffer from grass allergies year after year. Treat your grass allergies and enjoy the outdoors again with Pollenguard Grass Mix.</p>
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Tree Allergy (a Pollen Allergy) Sublingual Immunotherapy

Tree Pollen Allergies can be crippling. Studies show that pollen allergies have a higher impact on quality of life and work absenteeism than anxiety, depression or stress. Treat your tree pollen allergies with Pollenguard Tree Allergy mix and get back into life.
8 32365 00002 5
Pollenguard Tree and Grass Allergy Immunotherapy Drops

Made for allergy sufferers with more than one allergen sensitivity. Tree and grass allergy drops reduces the number of products you have to take to alleviate your symptoms.
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Tree, Grass & Dust Mite Allergy Immunotherapy

Made for allergy sufferers with tree, grass and dust mite allergies. These are the top offenders!Tree, Grass and Dust Mite Mix reduces the number of products you have to take to alleviate your symptoms.
8 32365 00015 5