Tree Pollen Allergy Drops

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Each spring, fall and summer trees release pollen to fertilize other plants, but quite often the pollen doesn't reach its target. Unless you have a tree pollen sensitivity, you hardly even know pollen is there. In fact, we inhale more than two tablespoons of airborne particles every day and many of us develop allergies to these ubiquitous "flying foes." Interestingly, plants with bright colored flowers usually don't bother pollen allergy sufferers -- it is the plain looking trees and plants that cause the greatest allergy symptoms. Pollenguard tree mix is a mix of 10 of the top allergy offenders in North America.  To find out about the tree allergy pollens in your area, please refer to our allergen calendar.


In a 5ml vial of Solution:

Medicinal Ingredients: Alnus rugosa, Alder (Source: Pollen); Fraxinus Americana, White Ash (Source: Pollen); Fagus sp., American Beech (Source: Pollen); Betula lenta, Black Birch (Source: Pollen); Ulmus Americana, American Elm (Source: Pollen);Carya ovata, Shagbark Hickory (Source: Pollen);Acer saccharum, Sugar Maple (Source: Pollen); Quercus alba, White Oak (Source: Pollen); Populus alba, White Poplar (Source: Pollen); Platanus occidentalis, American Sycamore (Source: Pollen) Regular Strength 2X, 25 SPU/ml

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Glycerin 50%; Phenol 0.4%;,Water for Injection qsp 5ml

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Tree Allergy (a Pollen Allergy) Sublingual Immunotherapy
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