Why Pollenguard Allergy Drops?

Pollenguard Allergy Drops are a form of allergy sublingual immunotherapy that treats the root cause of allergies.  While anti-histamines and herbal remedies mask symptoms, immunotherapy can train your body to tolerate the allergen, eventually eliminating allergy symptoms and the need for antihistamines or allergy medicines altogether.

An allergy is the immune system’s excessive sensitivity and over-response to exposure from a normally harmless natural substance, or allergen (e.g. cat dander, dust or pollen).  The immune system responds, as if to a real threat, with an immune response or allergic reaction (e.g. allergy symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes, etc.). This sublingual (under the tongue) allergy treatment works by helping the body build tolerance to specific allergens. By taking a scientifically prescribed dose of an allergen daily under the tongue, allergy symptoms gradually ease as you become desensitized to the allergen. Eventually the allergy symptoms and the allergy are eliminated as your immune system learns to tolerate specific allergens.

Pollenguard's sublingual immunotherapy is backed by more than 50 double blind, placebo clinical trials showing long term efficacy. Sublingual immunotherapy has been used for over 15 years in Europe and is recognized by the World Health Organization as a viable option for the treatment for seasonal allergies.

Allergy Immunotherapy Drops treatment is one of the first sublingual immunotherapy products to become available in Canada without prescription and is non invasive, natural, and easy to use for both children and adults.

Pollenguard allergy drops offers desensitization treatment and sympton relief for the most common airborne allergies:

  • hay fever (usually a ragweed pollen allergy)
  • tree allergy (pollen allergy)
  • grass allergy (a pollen allergy)
  • dust allergy (dust mite allergy)
  • weed allergy (pollen allergy)
  • cat allergy (cat dander allergy

Tired of feeling beat by your allergies?  Don't lose hope, help is on the way with Pollenguard!